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Complete Startup Services

We'll help you with legal structure, financing, budgeting and market research matters.

Plan For Success!

Having your own business can be liberating and exciting. The freedom and opportunity that it brings certainly makes it a worthwhile pursuit.

Yes, there are uncertainties and many risks. But with careful and thorough planning and with the right people supporting you, you can be successful.

As certified accountants and business developers, we're here to help you every step of the way. Once you're ready, let us help you evaluate your business plan and give you clear advice on how to proceed with what's most important.

Our custom business start-up services can help you with:

Choosing the right legal structure (Partnership, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, PC)

Determining and reducing your business start-up costs

Finding and choosing the best funding sources

Establishing an accurate and realistic business budget

Critical tax planning and careful investment assessment

All business bookkeeping, accounting and financial tracking and reporting

Your Partner In Business

After our initial consultation and agreement, we will devote all our business development expertise and resources to help you succeed.

All Questions Welcome

Of course, should you ever have any questions and concerns regarding your business, we will always be open and available to help you.

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Incorporating your Business is less scary than you think it is.

Structure & Separation

Incorporating a business means turning your sole proprietorship or general partnership into a company formally recognized by your state of incorporation.

An incorporated company becomes its own legal business structure set apart from the individuals who founded the business.

Through incorporation, the owner or owners create a separate legal entity to transact business. This new business entity corporation or limited liability company (LLC) transforms the way the business is seen through the eyes of the law and often has more credibility with customers, vendors and employees.

Here is how we can help you:

We’ll review your business to determine if incorporating is the best step for you

Determine which business type is best for your business and goals

Help you determine who the best directors of the corporation will be

Prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization per instructions from the Secretary of State's office

Business Benefits & Limited Liability

  • The primary benefit to business incorporation is limited liability. As the owner you are responsible for any debts and losses your business may accumulate along the way.
  • However, when you incorporate, you are typically only held responsible for the amount of money you personally invest.
  • Your personal assets typically cannot be used to satisfy the debts and liabilities of your business.

We can help you make sure you are well protected so that your business can keep growing.

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